I’m already doing lots of networking (including FREE or cheaper ones), so why should I join another networking membership?

Firstly, this is NOT a networking membership, it's about nurturing your connections.

Let me ask you how you follow up with your network just now. Are you creating amazing collaboration opportunities? If yes, then this membership is not for you. Connect and Nurture is about so much more than monthly networking.

This membership is about building something very special with your contacts, your network, your connections - wherever you have met. I encourage you to attend other networking as you never know who you will meet but real connections are made outside the Zoom room and nobody teaches you that.

Connect and Nurture compliments other networking as it will help you follow up consistently, nurture those relationships, explore potential opportunities, and build confidence to reach out to make collaborations happen!

How can this help me when my ideal client is NOT a Mum?

The whole point you want to be seen by others is to get more sales, right?

In networking you do not sell direct – you sell through the room. It doesn't matter if they're not your “ideal Client” as you may have opportunities you are turning away from by not nurturing your connections – inside any networking room, not just Connect and Nurture. How many people do other Mums know? What about their network? How can they help you and vice versa?

I don’t see anyone teaching how to follow up or how to collaborate but this has been key for me and I’d love the opportunity to share my tried and tested strategies so you're able to benefit. Not just doing networking but following a plan.

I don't understand why we need to add people we meet onto a list or dashboards? 

When you meet a connection, often we don't know what collaboration opportunities might develop, if we add them to a "Nurture Dashboard" we can effectively keep a list of really useful information and revisit older contacts when we have new ideas. Our business keep evolving and so the collabs you are open to, will change over time. That list helps keep others top of mind - who remembers all the people you met in 2023?  Impossible, right? 

Not with the free tool you get access to.

There's only 1 networking meeting a month and it's new, so member numbers will be low, how can I meet enough people here?

It's not about the numbers, in fact the numbers mean it's intimate which is great if you are new to networking or are an introvert like me. The Mums who joined were awesome, you'll agree - so you're in good company and this membership will grow. Also, remember you can use the tools and resources for existing contacts (no matter where you met), and keep going to other networking events to build your network. The support here will give you a way to follow up consistently - even when it feels like it's not a priority!

But I have never done any collaborations, I don't know what to do or say?  

Well, that's exactly why being here will help, you'll get step-by-step guidance, and I will share resources on different ways to start collaborating and more advanced things you can think of (I'm always looking for new ways and happy to share, as I learn) and once you get going you will be inventing your ways - your confidence will soar!

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