Free Networking Session

Build business relationships when networking isn’t your thing or you don’t have the time you think it takes!

Nurture your connections - networking for busy business mums

Stop wasting time with networking and instead make meaningful connections!

Are networking meetings nerve-wracking like stepping into a whole new world?

If you pluck up the courage to attend - you still feel like you're the fish out of water?

We all know how important it is to meet new people


BUT attending a networking meeting is Step 1

The magic of collaborations happens outside the networking room and the biggest issue is to prioritise the follow up work!

Steps 2,3,4 do not even have a chance when we don't find time to start a conversation AFTER the event.

So how can we make networking WORK for us?

If we network efficiently - we actually connect with a like-minded community who get us!

It's like a book finding its rightful place on the shelf – we become part of a meaningful story.


Another issue you may have is, finding events and times when you’re actually free (during those precious school hours), then making the time to not only attend BUT also for follow ups, this is even TOUGHER!

How many hours are wasted networking for NIL return?

And if you don't network efficiently what opportunities are you are missing out on with collaborations?

Ready to try something new in 2024?  I invite you to join me on


*** 19th June 2024 1PM-1:45PM (UK Time) on Zoom ***


For a networking session with a difference, here's what attendees say:

I can promise you there will be no pitches, no selling, no pressure, no spammy chat!

Instead, you'll join amazing business mums who're ready to Networking Efficiently and support each other!

>>> Connect and Nurture is a membership - more details on this here


You're invited to attend your first networking session for FREE

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