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VIP Pod - Productivity Membership

This online PRODUCTIVITY membership is to help you improve efficiency and save time so you can spend more time working ON building your DREAM business like the CEO you are meant to be!



you spend more time caught up in the day-to-day rather than working ON moving your business forward?

⌛ something needs to change to GROW your business rather than working ALL the hours, being super BUSY and have nothing to show for it?

⌛ there's not enough hours in the day and when you get time to work, your brain is scrambled and you don't know where to start...?

tried attending so many trainings, challenges, learnings and giving them your best effort but you leave with hardly any actions or worse you have actions that simply don't get implemented.

If you want bite-size learnings that you can absorb (in your own time) and most importantly take action so your business benefits - then this membership is ideal for you!


This membership will help you find your way so you can w̲o̲r̲k̲ L̲E̲S̲S̲ a̲n̲d̲ achieve more IMPACT!


Manage your time effectively, improve clarity, focus and confidence

✅ Grow your business so you attract leads with ease

✅ Serve your dream clients and never feel like you are selling

✅ Make growing your biz a PROCESS with consistent steps towards your goals

AND learn strategies so you spend less time on the hamster wheel of content creation!

with tons of accountability and support to take aligned action that feels good!


  • you feel empowered and confident to make positive changes in your business

  • saving time by improving efficiency means instead of feeling stuck you now spend this time working ON your business

  • you create a positive mindset and momentum by taking action to move forward

  • intentional time usage allows you to be in complete control and keep overwhelm at bay

  • you are more present in your life and able to spend more time enjoying the things you LOVE

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  • immediate access to a library of resources - over 20 trainings - pre-recorded videos with workbooks to ensure you action elements into your business as you go - you can watch (or re-watch) previous masterclasses in your own time.

  • lock-in your monthly investment, when membership price increases - your monthly payment remains locked in

  • you grow with this membership and have a "louder voice" with the small numbers.


  • Monthly MASTERCLASS - to help you in your productivity journey - watch live or access the portal later where resources are stored and easily accessible.

  • Monthly FOCUS Zoom - live sessions to support you to become the CEO you want to be. Here you prioritise and plan your work for the upcoming period, get super intentional about working ON your business!

  • A chance to network with supportive, positive community of like-minded business owners off social media so you don't get lost in the scroll.

  • Access to "VIP Member exclusive" products so you can tap into further support when you need it

  • First chance to uptake new products at pre-launch stage when heavily discounted - i.e. courses, workshops etc

  • 20% Discount on launched courses, workshops and one to one support.

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“This membership is giving me motivation and accountability to keep going when things don’t seem to work as I want them to”
“It helps me to reorganize my work schedule so that I can be more efficient, take time off and reduce overwhelm”
“This is helping me streamline my established business and give me time for me.”

"Mahnaz is really efficient in her methods and passes her knowledge and wisdom on in really manageable and bite-size chunks. So glad I joined"



Don't worry, it's important to check this is the right support for you. This is why I'm offering a FREE, no obligation call.


You get access to the content library straight away - see below for just some of the content available inside

This membership is suitable for both product and service-based businesses.

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12 Modules

Upcoming Events

Training Zoom
Time: 2nd Wednesday each month
Time: 4th Wednesday each month

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Membership Benefits

Earn up to £150 for each referral in the "refer a friend" scheme

Modules for this product 12
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